Ribble Aberdeen-Angus
Pure bred Aberdeen-Angus

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      We have a few in-calf females for sale, see below, please phone Henry for details.

Ribble Emma Troy M837  DoB 01/08/2012 ebv  Calved 12/04/2019, heifer to Wedderlie Princean N908

Ribble Black Angel S411   DoB 29/02/2016  ebv      Calved 23/04/19 - bull to Ribble Blackburn R951

Ribble Nereid S425   DoB 24/03/2016  ebv               due August - Ribble Ellmwood T602

These cows have recently had a booster vaccine for BVD and Lepto.

Herd fertility in 2017 was excellent with 95% of cattle due to calve in the first nine weeks from late March 2018. 


Health Status - We are members of the Biobest HiHealth scheme and understand how important it is for customers to have confidence in our herd health.  Many diseases are not easy to eliminate but by being as transparent as we can we aim to give you as much information as possible and for you to be assured of our integrity.

TB4 - 4 year testing area - the last herd test was December 2015, all clear - we have been for over 40 years.  November 2016 over 50 cattle were tested for export, all clear

Johnes -  12 tested January 2019, all clear.  Level 2

                 186 tested December 2017, all clear.  Level 2.

                 203 tested December 2016, one positive which had had a prolapsed

                 calf bed.  Level 3.

                 219 tested December 2015, all clear.  Level 2.

BVD - Accredited.  All calves are tissue sampled at birth.  All breeding stock                              vaccinated initially as yearlings and then annually.

IBR - up to 2014 all calves vaccinated with marker vaccine.  December 2015 blood tests show no wild virus so calves are not vaccinated.

Leptospirosis - no herd test, all breeding stock routinely vaccinated.

Extra tests - carried out in November 2016 on 15 heifers for export.  All clear for IBR, BVD, Johnes,TB and Neospora.